Our main goal with the Peace Building program is to encourage positivity and change negative attitudes towards stereotypes, violence and exploitation.

Street theater

YWCA Rwanda uses street theater to raise awareness and educate the public about immoral practices which target historically marginalized people (HMP).

“Bangamwabo” (which means dislike of family member) the documentary film was created to dramatize the challenges HMP face in today’s society. The film is screened in various locations in Rwanda. Post question and answer discussions are held to challenge negative attitudes and promote positive change.

Please click on the links below to view Bagamwabo.;;

A Project to combat violence against girls and women (PLUVIF)

YWCA implements the PLUVIF (Projet de Lutte Contre les Violences faites aux Filles et Femmes) Project in partnership with COCAFEM /GL (Concertation des Collectifs des Associations Féminines de la Région de Grand-Lacs) and Canadian International Development Agency (CECI). Psychosocial, medical and legal support are ways PLUVIF assists its victims. PLUVIF is funded by Canadian Association for International Development (ACDI).

In 2013, 49 gender base violence (GBV) victims received legal assistance. YWCA partners with local health care centers and hospitals to ensure medical assistance is provided to victims. The medical treatment costs for 255 victims were covered by YWCA and 255 victims also received counseling in 2013. Additionally, GBV victims were trained in income generating activities to increase income levels and thereby increase economic empowerment.